Blindspotting: The Miles EP - Daveed Diggs & Rafael Casal
Blindspotting: The Miles EP

This is the second of three conceptual projects made by Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal in lieu of a soundtrack to complement their 2018 film, Blindspotting. This project comes from the mind of Miles, Collin’s best friend, portrayed by Casal in the film. For the first installment with songs from the perspective of Collin, the film’s protagonist, check out The Collin EP, especially the popular single “Easy Come, Easy Go.” Regarding the tone of this EP, Casal said: The Miles EP is… the trappier, 808 kind of music that the Bay Area is also known for that I imagine is what Miles drives around listening to. I imagine he’s a little stoned, it’s a little angrier, a little grittier. With cameos from Bay area icon Too $hort and many more, this EP is an interesting facet in Diggs and Casal’s artistic tribute to the city of Oakland.
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